Defaqto Star Ratings

Finding the right financial product can be complicated.

Defaqto Star Ratings show the level of cover or benefits
provided by a financial product at a glance, allowing you to

base your financial decisions on features, not just price.

An introduction to Star Ratings

We rate every product across more than 40 product types from one to five stars, to help you guide your financial choices.

Our in-depth Star Ratings process assesses and analyses the terms and conditions, policy details and key features of every Star Rated product, whether you’re looking for home or car insurance, cover for the perfect holiday, a new credit card, a more suitable current account or somewhere to invest your money.

What’s more, we’re completely independent and unbiased and never knowingly exclude a product from our ratings.

Defaqto Star Ratings - the simple, reliable way to help you make your choice.

Star Ratings at a Glance

We rate every product from one to five stars so that you can see where a product sits in the market, at a glance.

  • Five Star Rating

    5 Stars

    A comprehensive range of features, options and benefits

  • Four Star Rating

    4 Stars

    Above average levels of cover with a wide range of features and benefits

  • Three Star Rating

    3 Stars 

    Average levels of cover with a standard range of features and benefits

  • Two Star Rating

    2 Stars

    A below average range of features and benefits

  • One Star Rating

    1 Star

    A basic product, with a low level of features and benefits